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  • Carl B. thumbnail

    Great facilities and a courteous and professional staff. Thank you.

    -Carl B.
  • Stephen J. thumbnail

    It was a comfortable and relaxing experience.

    -Stephen J.
  • Philip T. thumbnail

    I came in barely being able to move my neck and now I’m playing golf again and feeling good, and it’s only been a month since my first appointment. Chiropractic service works, and Dr. DeMaio and his staff do it well.

    -Philip T.
  • Allen L. thumbnail

    My first visit was awesome. The friendliness and professionalism was much appreciated. I look forward to my upcoming treatments.

    -Allen L.
  • Frank M. thumbnail

    You all do great work!

    -Frank M.
  • Annetta S. thumbnail

    I had never been to a chiropractor before, I’m very glad to have this group working toward my back wellness. All of the staff was very personable and Dr. Osborn very patiently answered my questions and put me at ease.

    -Annetta S.
  • Jose C. thumbnail

    Dr. Keyes, was EXCELLENT! Bea was fantastic! She made sure I was seen at the earliest possible time and they even went around my work schedule! I truly recommend coming to your location and will even make sure my wife will come as well! The entire staff are great and make you laugh and feel comfortable. Thank you all so much!

    -Jose C.
  • Rudy B. thumbnail

    Excellent customer service.

    -Rudy B.
  • Mary W. thumbnail

    Thank you for being amazing!!! 

    -Mary W.
  • Jonathan R. thumbnail

    Love this place. Walk out feeling great. Doctors are awesome and do everything they can to help my situation.

    -Jonathan R.
  • Colleen W. thumbnail

    Everyone in the practice has been exceptional – from the office team to the doctor!

    -Colleen W.
  • Justin M. thumbnail

    I received phenomenal treatment during my initial session this morning after experiencing chronic, severe pain the past few weeks due to a recent accident. Dr. Osborn was outstanding – both as a listener and as a Dr. I highly recommend this facility and Dr. Give them a shot if you’re in pain!

    -Justin M.
  • Rachelle M. thumbnail

    Listened to me and I love to talk. Been going to chiropractors for 25 years and did a great job! I’ m glad I came and I really appreciate the time I was given!!!

    -Rachelle M.
  • Mike A. thumbnail

    Excellent services! I’ll definitely use your services in the future.

    -Mike A.
  • Ratonda T. thumbnail

    Very Professional and Helpful Staff.

    -Ratonda T.
  • Joan V. thumbnail

    Very efficient office, staff was friendly!

    -Joan V.
  • Sabine H. thumbnail

    I work as a nurses aid and my back takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis. I’ve referred two friends to your practice as I feel a lot better already.

    -Sabine H.
  • Ann Marie H. thumbnail

    The entire staff was very happy and friendly, also, everyone seemed to be well experience.

    -Ann Marie H.
  • Nancy S. thumbnail

    Looking forward to my next visit which means I will be one step closer to feeling great.

    -Nancy S.
  • Cheryl M. thumbnail

    I was very grateful that they saw me so quickly. I was at my wits end with pain. Dr. Scalon is wonderful as is the rest of the staff. Front desk staff friendly and helpful. It makes all the difference in the world. The office is beautiful! Looking forward to feeling better. Thank You.

    -Cheryl M.
  • Jennifer H. thumbnail

    Excellent visit! I received exceptional care. The doctor thoroughly answered all of my questions and the staff provided prompt, attentive service. The adjustment itself felt wonderful and I look forward to my next appointment.

    -Jennifer H.
  • Michael B. thumbnail

    Friendly great staff and experience. Immediate pain and stress relief.

    -Michael B.
  • Joey R.  thumbnail

    The Chiropractor covered my conditions and concerns with thorough knowledge and made recommendations for treatment options accordingly with my medical conditions. That alone sets the DeMaio staff apart from other clinics that want optimal patient turnout versus focusing more on the patient’s medical needs and that experience alone has just made me a long term patient… Thank you staff.

    -Joey R.
  • Brittany R. thumbnail

    I would like to point out that the office staff and Dr. DeMaio were all extremely helpful and kind! The office staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs and I left knowing this was the place for me. I would highly recommend Dr. DeMaio to anyone searching for an honest, caring Chiropractic office!

    -Brittany R.
  • Alycea C. thumbnail

    Dr. Jim is my chiropractor and his is absolutely AWESOMESAUCE(LOL). He made sure I understood everything he was going to do and what he found to be the problem. The office staff are always warm, friendly, and welcoming!!! Keep up the great work guys!! You Rock!!

    -Alycea C.
  • Sheila L. thumbnail

    It was great! Thank you all!

    -Sheila L.
  • Chantel S. thumbnail

    Dr Jim was wonderful. Very gentle and caring. Very thankful I was referred to your practice.

    -Chantel S.
  • Lynna M. thumbnail

    Very nice and friendly.

    -Lynna M.
  • Lillian B. thumbnail

    I just think everybody there and Dr. Keyes was amazing, I should have done this a long time ago. I’m super excited for the future!

    -Lillian B.
  • Richard H. thumbnail

    Very nice group of people. Seems like a super staff.

    -Richard H.
  • Joshua S. thumbnail

    Amanda and Bee were extremely helpful and courteous. Dr. Lindauer was super friendly and really alleviated the pain I was in.

    -Joshua S.
  • Tammy S.  thumbnail

    Thanks to Dr. James Keyes he is the best! I love this place the whole staff is very good.

    -Tammy S.
  • Dee A. thumbnail

    Love Dr. Lindauer personal attention to questions and comments.

    -Dee A.
  • Shannon B. thumbnail

    I loved the Odenton office and their staff. It’s hard to find an office with friendly staff and a doctor you like and trust. I found both in this office. My kids loved it too.

    -Shannon B.
  • Elizabeth F. thumbnail

    I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff!

    -Elizabeth F.
  • Barbara M. thumbnail

    The front office staff was very accommodating and friendly. Dr, Keyes was very attentive in keying in on specific symptoms presented him to help his patient. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone in need of chiropractic care or physical therapy.

    -Barbara M.
  • Robert K. thumbnail

    I could not be more pleased with the level of care I have received so far!

    -Robert K.
  • Michael K. thumbnail

    Very professional, felt at ease during the visit. Look forward to coming back and working with Dr Erika and the staff!

    -Michael K.
  • Denise M. thumbnail

    Very nice office, and Dr. DeMaio is awesome.

    -Denise M.
  • Patricia M. thumbnail

    The best chiropractic service. I’ve been to a lot of different chiropractors and I am happy to return to Dr. DeMaio.

    -Patricia M.
  • Brian F. thumbnail

    This is the happiest, most helpful, organized, doctors office from the receptionist to the doc seems like the entire staff loves working there. I did not feel like a patient herded in and out nor rushed. I am extremely happy I discovered this office. Thank you.

    -Brian F.
  • Michele S. thumbnail

    Dr. Oz was awesome. I am confident that treatment for my back pain will be resolved. Staff was fantastic! Looking forward to next visit as I am feeling relief already.

    -Michele S.
  • Jenny H. thumbnail

    The staff did a great job and Dr. Keyes is excellent! I am very pleased with everything about this practice.

    -Jenny H.
  • Josephine M. thumbnail

    I have really enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to my future visits.

    -Josephine M.
  • Yesenia A. thumbnail

    Wonderful staff. Dr .Jim was very helpful, informative, easy to listen, very patient. I will definitely come back, please keep up the good work and professional.

    -Yesenia A.
  • Aaron K. thumbnail

    A great experience from the time I walk through the door to when I leave. Don’t change a thing. Also – Dr. Lindauer is pretty awesome

    -Aaron K.
  • Kim J. thumbnail

    Office staff were very professional and caring.

    -Kim J.
  • Shaye T. thumbnail

    AMAZING first experience! 10/10 would recommend! I already feel so much better! Thank you!

    -Shaye T.
  • Larry L. thumbnail

    Extremely efficient and friendly staff.

    -Larry L.
  • Christie G. thumbnail

    Had a great experience. Looking forward to bringing my husband, too.

    -Christie G.
  • Theresa P. thumbnail

    Very welcoming. First time I’ve been to a chiropractor and was nervous. After talking with the doctor, I felt more at ease.

    -Theresa P.
  • Maureen D. thumbnail

    The entire team is excellent.

    -Maureen D.
  • Dawn L. thumbnail

    Very thorough and caring examination and treatment. Had instant relief from my pain!

    -Dawn L.
  • Becky M. thumbnail

    The DeMaio Family Chiropractic office was my first visit to any chiropractor. Dr. Jim was awesome and took the time to explain everything in great detail to make sure I understood what was happening and why. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone who is thinking about chiropractic care!

    -Becky M.
  • Harold O. thumbnail

    All personnel at your office are greatly better than any chiropractic office I have been in during the last ten years. All members of the office, skill sets are above average. They all want to help fix your problem, and they explain your progress along the way.

    -Harold O.
  • Jherilyn K. thumbnail

    I love Dr. Keyes, I was very nervous about my first appointment, but he explained everything he was going to do to help me recover.

    -Jherilyn K.
  • Melanie B. thumbnail

    Great Staff All The Way Around

    -Melanie B.
  • Constance P. thumbnail

    The team was very professional and pleasant. Very helpful and recommended different options to fit my needs. Highly recommend!

    -Constance P.
  • Kandis S. thumbnail

    It was nice to feel so welcomed at this place. Everyone that works there is so kind – you feel like family. Truly an amazing place because of the people. Kindness goes a long way.

    -Kandis S.
  • Denise W. thumbnail

    Dr. Jim and the reception staff were superb. Very friendly and I felt welcome right off the bat. Awesome welcome packet, too. Very clean, beautiful professional facility.

    -Denise W.
  • Jill H. thumbnail

    Dr Jim was great. Took his time explaining what needed to be done over a course of time and what he was going to do during the appointment.  I’m looking forward to future visits!

    -Jill H.
  • John G. thumbnail

    Thank you to all of the staff that got me feeling way better by Thursday afternoon I look forward to another treatment and possibly some long term preventive healthcare from you all. Thanks Again Peace

    -John G.
  • Tia L. thumbnail

    Everybody was so nice! I loved Dr. DeMaio and everybody on the staff is excellent they listen and they are so helpful!

    -Tia L.
  • Erin M. thumbnail

    Dr. Hempey is great! After being in pain for several years and trying many other practitioners with no results, I am finally pain-free. Waking up without back pain and being able to do any activity I want is simply wonderful!

    -Erin M.
  • Kathryn M.  thumbnail

    I’m feeling much less pain after my very first visit!

    -Kathryn M.
  • Kahletta M. thumbnail

    Very friendly and inviting environment.

    -Kahletta M.
  • Cheryl B. thumbnail

    I am extremely satisfied with Dr. DeMaio and the staff. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a little apprehensive. Dr. DeMaio listened to my concerns and through his hands on exam he was able to pin-point exactly where my trouble spots were! My only regret is that I didn’t come to Dr. DeMaio sooner!

    -Cheryl B.
  • Joyce D. thumbnail

    I was very pleased and in fact after my first visit I feel much better already!!! I am very hopeful that this problem can be conquered!!! Thanks!!!

    -Joyce D.
  • Rawn H. thumbnail

    I like the one on one atmosphere.

    -Rawn H.

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Care for Gambrills, Bowie & Odenton

DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Providing Gambrills and Bowie & Odenton chiropractic patients with comprehensive holistic health care for the entire family is our mission at DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy. Treating newborns to centenarians for over twenty years, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Remedies Based on Research

As Dr. John DeMaio explains, “We use only researched-backed remedies for
treatment of your condition. If medication is required, we will refer you to your family MD for a prescription. We offer complete wellness care through chiropractic and nutritional guidance. We are also pleased to offer full physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities.”

Accurate Diagnoses

Not all chiropractors utilize state of the art diagnostic technology, but at DeMaio Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, we utilize lab, x-ray (including high-frequency x-rays), MRI and CT bone scans when necessary to make the proper diagnosis. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Gambrills, Bowie or Odenton who will go the extra mile to help you achieve your health objectives, give us a call today to schedule your first appointment.

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